Wetsuit Fit


You've found that perfect suit.
Now let's help you find the perfect size.

Below are 6 tips to help make sure you are getting
the right size and fit.
1. All suit manufacturers vary. Start by using the appropriate manufacturer-sizing chart to help locate your suit size. Remember that in order for the suit to work properly it needs to fit snug. All suits are sized proportionally to height and weight, respectfully.
2. If you purchased a 2 piece suit, start by pulling the pants all the way up and secure the velcro strap on your shoulder. Now start the zipper on the jacket, step through and pull the jacket on. Reach back and put your arms through the suit and pull it up. Finish by zipping the suit up.
3. For 1 piece suits, pull the suit all the way up to your waist. Reach down and work the arms up one at a time. If it is a back zip suit have your buddy help zip the suit up. This will help reduce the risk of damage to the zipper. Zippers tend to snag neoprene or get tangled in hair.
4. Once you have the suit on, inspect the suit for fit. The suit should conform to your body shape. If this is your first time in a wetsuit, remember it will fit snug and you will feel a reduced range of motion. Remember--this is normal. Walk around in the suit for a few minutes. You shouldn't have any loss of circulation in your hands or feet. You should be able to take a full breath of air without too much discomfort. There may be a small crease in the back of the elbows or knees.
5. If you do not have a perfect, off the rack, fit do not feel alone.  Many people need to have minor alterations done to their wetsuit to achieve that "custom" fit feel.  You can get a custom fit for a little more than the cost of an off the rack wetsuit.
6. The colder the water, the more important the fit. Remember hood, boots, and gloves need to fit properly.