H2O 2mm Max Lycra Backed Webbed Surf Gloves

H2O 2mm Max Lycra Backed Webbed Surf Gloves GK-6S 019175

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The heavy duty Sharkskin (Synthetic Leather) palm will provide protection, dexterity and grip for the pop-up and will take your abuse session after session. The lycra on the back of this is great for warm water lineups and will stretch to fit. It also adds resistance for lap swimming and training so even if you donít use them where itís breaking, theyíre great for building the muscles you use to paddle. These babies will give you the edge of speed when paddling into your favorite lineup as well as exposure protection. These give you great exposure protection and unbelievable speed for paddling into your favorite break. Sizes: Small Through Xlarge. No hodads need apply here.


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